Napping Dad

John was sure to run across the box holding the new hammock before our anniversary (Thursday) and ruin the surprise, so I decided to put it together today. Luckily, son Doug was enjoying a day off work; he skillfully interpreted the instructions (insert part BR into part GH) and providing some muscle. It was a nice day, and the assembly went fairly smoothly.

About fifteen minutes after we’d finished, John came home unexpectedly, and fifteen minutes after that, this was the scene in the backyard.

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2 Responses to Napping Dad

  1. Kathy says:

    I wasn’t faulting him! I was glad he liked it! No MP3 player. Just state-of-the-art pockets at the head for magazines.

  2. Joel Couch says:

    You gave it to him. Now don’t fault the poor guy for making use of it.

    Did you get the one with the built in MP3 player? I plays the wife’s subliminal suggestions when a certain breathing pattern is detected. Worth the extra $50, don’t you agree?

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