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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Back to School

I started back to school on Monday and had a very good day. My Latin students were all pleasant and cooperative and would that we all remain that way. This positive attitude generally precedes the introduction of indirect objects, principal parts of verbs, and the second declension (“What?? There’s more than one??”) For the second year […]

Wilder Indians

After reading and blogging about two of my old Weekly Reader Book Club books (here and here), I moved on to another children’s book that I knew made reference to Native Americans. I never read Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books as a child, but I read the whole series to my children and loved them. As I picked […]

Martha and Me

I have mastered the muffin. I always made okay muffins…sometimes a little chewy, sometimes a little small. Now, now, after viewing Martha making blueberry muffins and copying her recipe, I have made a big batch of delicate, delicious muffins for a picnic tomorrow. Here’s what I learned. Apparently, I always took the usual recipe precaution […]

Re-Stigmatizing BPD

There’s been a little dust-up going on partly in response to my post Stigmas, Statistics, and Borderline, where I mentioned that the website BringChange2Mind, created by Glenn Close to help reduce the stigma of mental illness, leaves out personality disorders and focuses instead on depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and PTSD. Some bloggers and readers who’ve encountered BringChange2Mind […]

The Far Frontier

So I pulled out another favorite Weekly Reader book that over the years I’ve muddled in my mind with Fear in the Forest (see previous post). Written by William O. Steele (illustrated by Paul Galdone), The Far Frontier takes place at the same time, during the early settlement of the Ohio territory. Wanting to disentangle […]

Fear in the Forest Redux

At Half Price Books a while back, I ran across a pristine copy of Fear in the Forest, an old Weekly Reader favorite of mine, complete with its original cover. I purchased it for $10.00 and intended to give it to my great-niece for her ninth birthday after rereading it myself. (I love the author’s name: Cateau De […]