What to Do

My July, especially the last week or so, has been taken up with senior dog care and vacillating over the decision as to what to do. People who say that your dog tells you when it’s time to end his or her life have much more communicative dogs than mine. Or better human radar. We don’t know what our dog is telling us.

On the downside, we’re dealing with incontinence and a weak and probably sore left rear leg. He needs to be washed off several times a day, which I assume he hates. He’s barely walking. And he’s deaf, which we have gotten used to by this point. He does some wandering at night, which results in his getting tangled in furniture; he wakes us up with his frustrated cries.

On the other hand, he still loves to eat. He’s still alert and still recognizes us and still seems to appreciate affection. During the intervals when he’s calmly resting or asleep in the living room, he seems (like a sleeping child) no trouble at all.

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2 Responses to What to Do

  1. Kathy says:

    Thanks, Kim. I know you know how I feel.

  2. Kim Christopher says:

    Awww….sorry you are going thru this. We had to put our dog, Angel down three years ago and afterwards I felt like we should have done it sooner…she never told us when it was time either. Her quality of life was down to a minimum. All I know is: it sucks to have to do it. After Tucker died last week, I am in no hurry to get another dog. It hurts too much.
    Good luck with your decisions…it’s not easy.

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