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It being October, you’re probably wondering whatever happened with my four summer tasks. Here they were, as I described them on May 6th: replacing the lining in my winter coat, buying a new hair-catching drain thingy for our upstairs sink, reupholstering a disreputable living room chair, and getting rid of a large pipe in our backyard.


Hair catching thingy did in fact fit and has been catching hair in the intervening months.


Reupholstering has not yet taken place, but we have a shop and a fabric and money deposited. The shop can’t fix the chair for another month or so.


I left the pipe on our tree lawn (as we call it here in NE Ohio), and a gleaner picked it up within an hour or two.


Alas, the coat. No one will provide an estimate under $150. I’m thinking I might rip out the tattered lining and do without, or clumsily stitch in some lining myself. I haven’t given up. I don’t give up, which means, in other words, that I can procrastinate endlessly.


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  1. Jamie Kaplan says:

    Me too. ENDLESSLY!

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