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One More July?

We’re now well into the seventh month of the year, so it’s high time we examined the history of the name July. The Roman Senate named the month in 44 B.C.E. to honor the assassinated Roman general and dictator Julius … Continue reading

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Kalends, Calendars, and Intercalation

Our word calendar comes from the Latin word kalendae, or kalends, which named the first day of the month. (For a while, Latin used k instead of c before the letter a. Try not to pay attention to this right … Continue reading

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I’ve been remiss re the Cinematheque. Sometimes I’m not enthusiastic about any of the films, but I’m writing now, because I can be excited about a couple offerings. It’s Yasujiro Ozu again, this time 1956’s Early Spring. (Late Spring, Mid-Winter, … Continue reading

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