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Monthly Archives: February 2012


To vent means to express a strong emotion. I am about to vent in the hopes of ending my perseverating. To perseverate, a psychological term, means to repeat a response after the cessation of the stimulus. In my case, right now, perseveration means continuing a thought obsessively, going over and over the same thing, without […]

Crazy Mommies, Once Again

Darrell Hammond, formerly of “Saturday Night Live” (where he perfected his smarmy Bill Clinton impression), has been promoting his memoir on lots of media outlets. God, If You’re Not Up There, I’m F*ed  recounts his story of depression and drug addiction and eventually gets around to the trauma that started it all–horrendous abuse from his […]

Sharing Information

Tonight I stopped into Presti’s, a comfortable café in Cleveland’s Little Italy with good food, to pick up some takeout after my late-afternoon class. A bunch of older men were sitting together at a big table, hanging out and talking. “Guess how many hot dogs that company sells a year?”one said to the others. “Just […]