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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Consubstantial Differences?

I had a friendly disagreement this morning with one of my students. He said it was a great weekend for the Catholic Church, because the new translation of the Mass was introduced. He was happy that it more literally follows the original Latin. He assumed I would agree. Instead, our argument broke down (at least on […]

Appreciating Spam

For this post, I’m stealing my husband’s idea. In his last Cinema Talk column, published in the current flyer for the Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque, he wrote about the funny spam his blog receives. Spammers post on blogs because, of course, they want their website to appear with their comment, hoping that people will click […]

Me, Interviewed

Christy Matta, M.A., interviewed me at her helpful and informative blog Dialectical Behavior Therapy Understood regarding my mom, borderline personality disorder, and DBT. Check it out here. (The picture is not my mom.) Here’s some additional background about Christy.