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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Too Many Choices!

I’m seeing The Last Days of Pompeii, based on the novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, this Friday (7:00 pm) at the Cleveland Museum of Art, for several reasons. First, I teach Latin and am interested in the subject. I have invited my students and hope to encounter some of them there. Second, Sebastian Birch, who teaches at Kent […]

Dr. Phil, Jinda, and Me

I diagnosed a woman with borderline personality on Dr. Phil last week. First, let’s dispense with a mea culpa regarding Dr. Phil. During his first couple of seasons, I watched religiously, and, embarrassing as this admission is, I felt I was getting something important from watching him. After some time, though, I realized I needed to […]

Two Movies to See

Holy Motors, a recent French film showing at the Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque this weekend (Thursday at 8:45 pm and Friday at 8:35 pm) is a very, very weird movie by director Leos Carax. It features a complicated, enigmatic, fascinating “story” and a truly remarkable performance by the protean Denis Lavant. Lavant appears throughout in […]

Groundbreaking Film at Cinematheque

I have been a Bill Cosby fan from childhood and can date my affection to his first appearance on network TV. On the Tonight Show in 1963, he performed, not the Noah skit which helped make him famous, but a routine about Revolutionary War soldiers painstakingly reloading their muskets while the enemy was shooting at them. […]

A Little MLK Fix

I’m going to cheat today and crib from Dr. King, as a suitable way to begin Black History Month. This passage from his Christmas Sermon (as it’s known), delivered in 1967 at Ebenezer Baptist Church, was included in a sermon last night at my church.  Read King’s whole sermon here when you get a chance. In the […]