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Monthly Archives: September 2010

The Sadder Face

Borderline personality disorder is a variable, hard-to-pin-down phenomenon. “These patients…are a heterogeneous group…Even the same patient will present with a wide variety of problems at different times,” says Arthur Freeman, editor of Comparative Treatments for Borderline Personality Disorder. Another specialist, Robert G. Harper, describes patients as sometimes relatively pleasant, engaging, and responsive, while at other times depressed, […]

Abuse as a Cause of BPD

Yesterday a friend and my sister and I attended an all-day seminar called Understanding Personality Disorders presented by Dr. Dennis A. Marikis and sponsored by the Institute for Brain Potential. I was amazed, being a teacher myself, at how well Dr. Marikis was able to hold our attention through six hours. He used PowerPoint adroitly (which many people […]

Hope (for Snacks) Springs Eternal

I look forward to walking my dog in the park on beautiful days like this — letting him off-leash to run wild and free through the grass, breathing the fresh air, unfettered as his wild canine ancestors. Instead, he sniffs the candy wrappers and fast-food detritus littered all over the landscape. He lingers by the outdoor grills and loves […]

Another Kind of Missing

I’ve often wondered if people would have children if they actually comprehended the length and depth of the commitment. Before I had kids, I sort of thought that at age six, you patted them on the head and sent them off to school with a sigh of relief. Your job was just about over at that point. […]