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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Two Sweet Movies

I’ll limit my Cinematheque recommendations this week to the one film I’ve already seen–Kolya, a Czech Academy-Award winner from 1996. Frequently, it seems, the foreign-film Oscar goes to the most sentimental and accessible of the candidates, i.e., the “heartwarming” one. Kolya fits that description, but transcends its predictability with humor and charm. It has appealing performances by […]

My Parents’ Bookcase

  I’m reading a book called Chaplin and Agee: The Untold Story of the Tramp, the Writer, and the Lost Screenplay by John Wranovics. I have some interest in film and in Charlie Chaplin that’s rubbed off from my film-buff husband.  James Agee–film critic, novelist, and poet– is in my pantheon. Putting these two together […]

Your Weekend Plans

This weekend you can have your mornings and afternoons to yourself. Your evenings belong to me. The Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque offers stellar movies for your enjoyment. I thought My Left Foot (1989) might have been the first film where I saw, and was dazzled by Daniel Day-Lewis, but I was mistaken. Before that […]

Lunatics and Laughs

Federico Fellini’s last film, The Voice of the Moon  (1990), shows this Saturday at 5:15 pm at the Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque. Crazily, this movie was never released in the U.S. It’s so odd that Americans had no way to see this film by one of the great directors till now, even though it got […]

Insights from Book Group

Some people question the purpose of book groups. I’ve had people (mostly men, to be honest) ask, “What’s the point? Why not just read the book? Who really cares what anyone else thinks?” Most everyone, however, can comprehend at least a few book group benefits. It’s social. It’s friendship. It’s, sometimes, good food and wine! […]