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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Missing Dave

In all the hoopla over David Letterman’s retirement, we read over and over about the heart surgery, the post-9/11 show, and the sex scandal. Everyone mentions favorite guests Julia Roberts, Regis Philbin, Bill Murray, and Cleveland’s own Harvey Pekar. Frequently cited are watermelons tossed from the roof of the Ed Sullivan Theater, Stupid Pet Tricks, […]

A Ewing Kind of Day

After my Mother’s Day brunch at Corky and Lenny’s this morning, my husband John asked me what else I wanted to do today. I suggested that he and our son and I take a little walk in a park with our dog. He asked which park I would like to visit. “Euclid Creek or Acacia,” […]

Getting Things Done!

Today being one of my first days off from school (the semester actually ends on Friday with my last final, but it begins to feel like vacation already), I had a mental list of nagging things to attend to. How happy I would be to put mental check marks next to each item on my mental […]