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Waiting for Jonathan Kozol

I saw Waiting for ‘Superman’ today, the much-hyped documentary by Oscar winner Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth). I was all set to defend the movie to my teacher friends who decry its anti-union sensibility, some of whom won’t even see it … Continue reading

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Another Day…

…another marvelous CSU story. This morning I went off on a tangent in Latin 201, telling my students I reread Crime and Punishment this summer and making some obscure connection between the Dostoevsky novel and our text, the Cupid and … Continue reading

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Superwoman Lives

Recently one of my CSU students invited me to sit in as she defended her Masters thesis. (I’ll call her K.) I had helped K. with some Latin translation last semester as part of her research but hadn’t seen her since. … Continue reading

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“Wounding, Destruction, Despair, Healing, and Love”

Millicent Monks gives new, horrifying meaning to the term “sandwich generation.” Her memoir Songs of Three Islands: A Story of Mental Illness in an Iconic American Family describes being caught between mentally-ill parents and a daughter with borderline personality disorder. … Continue reading

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