A Grandmother’s ABC

From the publisher:

In September 2020 author Kathy Ewing and her husband learned that they would soon be first-time grandparents—of twins. Overwhelmed with delight and with time on her hands due to the COVID pandemic, Ewing decided to make a cloth ABC book for the twins and also write a companion book of family stories based on the alphabet. Entertaining and inspiring, A Grandmother’s ABC Book is about looking ahead—to the excitement of grandchildren, to the promise of a joy-filled future, and to the thrill of sharing one’s life and stories with the next generation.

From the back cover:

“Kathy Ewing’s latest book is an utterly engaging charmer. She navigates the collision of beautiful news—the impending birth of twin grandchildren—with the woe of the pandemic as she reflects on her work crafting the babies a cloth ABC book. Each letter summons memories of family and friends, moments from the pandemic, and sprightly disquisitions on language and letters. Both the cloth book and the paper one are a treasure for the babies, of course, and the latter—this book—is a treasure for the rest of us with our own tender feelings about fleeting childhoods and other family bittersweets.” Kris Ohlson, Sweet in Tooth and Claw.

“I have often yearned for a family history as told and seen through the eyes of my Grandmother Lovejoy. Somehow author Kathy Ewing has sewn a complex memoir-tapestry of lineage, derivation of alphabet letters, etymology, and her own family, into the pages of her book of ABCs. Her lucky grandchildren will share an intimate glimpse at her world as it morphed through COVID, life, death, movies, books, pets, passions, history and deep love. Such a joy!” Sharon Lovejoy, Camp Granny

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