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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Joe Update

I wrote about my GED student Joe back in November, when I recounted our travails in trying to get him some extra time for the test, due to a learning disability originally diagnosed when he was nineteen. We weren’t able to get that accommodation. Joe retook portions of the test in December, without that time […]

I Am Beset by a Grammatical Dilemma

In the winter semester (they call it “spring,” but, um, no), I teach a writing seminar at an institution I’ll call the More Prestigious University, or MPU. It’s a choosy place, which selects students carefully based on grades and high SAT scores. A few years ago, before I started teaching there, I chatted with an […]

Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Snow

Here in Ohio we’re in the midst of an arctic vortex (they’re calling it), producing temperatures far colder than we’re accustomed to. It was around 10 degrees below zero most of yesterday. Schools and workplaces, including my husband’s, are closed today.  John views a day off, of course, not as an opportunity to kick back […]

Happy Childhoods

A couple of questions to consider: What constitutes a happy childhood? Did you have one? How many people in the world have happy childhoods? I was recently talking to someone who believes that he had an unequivocally happy childhood and that, moreover, “most people” have a happy childhood. I said I probably didn’t. That is, […]