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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Hurt Like I Do

I get on a Randy Newman kick now and then. Today, playing a Newman cd while I was baking, I was struck by the song “Marie.” Lushly orchestrated, this version features a warm, romantic background, like so many Newman songs, belying the barbed lyrics. “Marie” sounds like a love song, but it’s a love song sung […]

All Roads Lead to Rome

My Latin students never know what’s in store for them. Some days it’s a tedious review of demonstrative pronouns, and other days a fascinating account of my medical problems. Today they heard about my feet. That’s because yesterday I received a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis. This common ailment (“All your neighbors and friends have already […]

Family, Fashion, and Freaks

Sarah Polley, a young actress and director, has created another one of those engrossing documentaries (like Still Bill or Searching for Sugar Man) that you want everyone to see because they’re so good. In carefully ordered sequences, she reveals secrets about her family. Or, more accurately, she gets her family members to reveal secrets about […]