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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Plastic Progress

I just saw the film Surviving Progress at the Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque, which lays out many dangers to human survival on earth, graphically portraying overpopulation and over-consumption. It makes you want to read the book that inspired it, A Short History of Progress, by Ronald Wright, and to do something, just one little thing right […]

Truth in Jest

My dad, Martin Miller, wrote a weekly column for the Canton Repository, called “Letters from Max.” Sometimes he commented on news and politics, but other times he shared amusing facts about our household. I remember his commenting, for example, that our dog Abbie made a scratchy noise when she arose from sleeping, because the burrs […]

Measuring Education

I tutor once a week in a GED program in the Kinsman neighborhood of Cleveland, where my church used to be. I’ve been touched, the last two weeks, by my interactions with students. Touched, infuriated, sobered, and enlightened. Last week, a young man showed me a problem he had missed on a worksheet: 3 feet = […]