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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Who Makes Our Crap?

Last week, I turned on WCPN, one of our NPR stations, while I was in the car and heard the end of This American Life. The segment concerned the conditions under which Chinese workers produce our iPhones and other technological devices. This just after, as I wrote in my last post, having received a new, exciting […]

The Turn

“One of the most devastating experiences for children of borderlines is ‘The Turn,’” writes Christine Anne Lawson. “The Turn is a sudden attack, the abrupt withdrawal of love and affection, and razor-sharp words that can pierce the heart as painfully as an arrow.” Lawson’s book, Understanding the Borderline Mother, is a must-read for anyone who […]

Time Travel

In the last few months, I have been yanked into the 21st century. My daughter got me a little iPod in September, and my husband gave me an iPhone for Christmas. In order to appreciate the earth-shatteringness of this information, you have to understand just how Neanderthal I have been. In 1999, for example, my […]