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Wednesday Word

A certain redacted affidavit has been in the news. As far as I know, reporters have not yet explicated the all-important Latin derivation of these newsworthy words. Today’s post remedies the oversight. Redacted comes from a Latin verb, ago, that … Continue reading

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Monday Meals

I happened on an America’s Test Kitchen video featuring the always cheerful Becky, who demonstrated how to make Chilled Soba Noodle Salad. The vegetables looked so good, and Becky made it look so easy, that I tried it myself last … Continue reading

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Weekend Editions

My husband has a knack for naming film series. The Cleveland Cinematheque’s current schedule, for example, includes a series of nine movies by W.C. Fields cleverly dubbed “Fields Days.” Another series featuring a Swedish female director named Mai Zetterling is … Continue reading

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Wednesday Word

I was thinking about how most of us rarely use actual cameras anymore. Our kids and grand kids will naturally think of cameras as a function of their cell phones. But the history of the word “camera” hearkens back to … Continue reading

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Monday Meals

(I’m reviving the blog in anticipation of the publication of a new book, the date of which is uncertain. The plan for the blog is to devote different days of the week to different subjects. Monday’s “m” will remind me … Continue reading

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