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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Books for Kids, Not

My sister-in-law Penni forwarded me an email that tells you what was happening in the year you were born. One fact struck me: Par Lagervist won the Nobel Prize for Literature that year. (I’m not saying what year that was. You can look it up.) I hadn’t seen that name or thought of my buddy […]

What to Do

My July, especially the last week or so, has been taken up with senior dog care and vacillating over the decision as to what to do. People who say that your dog tells you when it’s time to end his or her life have much more communicative dogs than mine. Or better human radar. We […]

Love the One You’re With

I’ve named this phenomenon Compassion for the Other Person, meaning compassion for someone other than the person sitting in front of you. This happens when you’re telling a friend about a hurt or a problem, and the friend explains what the other person probably intended. The person, that is, who’s not even there, the person who you […]