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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Oh, How I Hate to Get Up

In my childhood, my family owned one ball glove. With three girls, there was little need for more. When I played catch outside with my dad, I’d wear the glove, and he’d risk the softball stinging his fingers. He’d call out directions–coaching–pointing out how the ball should land in the pocket of the glove, not […]

Small World

My friend Katie sat across from me at our picnic table. She was dropping off some homemade lentil soup and a loaf of bread a couple weeks after the death of Grace, my husband’s stepmother. Grace was memorable—opinionated, funny, and fashionable into her late ‘80’s, an aficionado of spike heels and sequined purses, a gourmet […]


School’s out. A big perk of college teaching is the early end of the school year. We’ve had beautiful weather this week, and I’ve already planted tomatoes and flowers. I had a good school year with lots of wonderful students and interesting, gratifying interactions. But it was a stressful one, too, with a nasty cheating […]