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More to Say about Violence, Women, and Hate Crimes

Our Cleveland newspaper’s website just published an opinion piece of mine about classifying some violent crimes against women as hate crimes. As you may know, Cleveland has recently been too much in the news regarding abuse of women. A couple … Continue reading

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Good Choices This Weekend

I’ve never seen Richard Pryor’s Which Way Is Up? (1977) and expect to try it at the Cleveland Cinematheque tonight or tomorrow (5:15 and 9:45, respectively), forewarned that it’s raunchy. I don’t think I’ve seen any Richard Pryor movies, in … Continue reading

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Mother, Daughter, Me, and Katie Hafner

A couple weeks ago, the Cleveland Plain Dealer printed my review of Katie Hafner’s new memoir Mother, Daughter, Me. I pitched it to the PD because the mother-daughter angle interests me, and, as it turned out, Katie and I have … Continue reading

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