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Monthly Archives: October 2011

That Soft Bastard Latin

A friend recently asked me, as people often do, why my students have signed up for Latin. (Her tone indicated this was a nutty choice in 2011.) I offered all the usual reasons. Some are interested in law or medicine and believe that Latin will help them with the vocabulary of their professions. Music majors want […]

Object Permanence?

I was thinking about the disdain we sometimes express toward objects. “Those are just things,” people might say about their belongings. “I care more about people.” Christianity promulgates this attitude, unless it’s pushing affluence and abundance, a la certain TV evangelists. “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s,” Jesus told us in last week’s reading. Who cares […]

Squirrel Crossing

We freqently travel a busy four-lane street that’s a thoroughfare (perpendicularly) for many squirrels. The other evening, after braking two or three times for squirrels making a mad dash, my husband addressed the squirrels thusly: “What? There aren’t enough nuts on this side of the street?”

Close Encounters of the Borderline Kind

Looking back at my life, I am rethinking previous, fraught relationships in light of what I have learned about borderline personality disorder. I recall a very difficult friend who was diagnosed with depression and was always getting mad at me. Hence, I was constantly apologizing. I remember thinking, “Of course, I might be at fault […]

Mistress of All She Surveys

I’m lucky to live in a walkable neighborhood–sidewalks, relative safety, nice houses and people. Even luckier, an adjacent neighborhood is more beautiful. (Oakridge Drive, for those of you who might care.) The houses are big and old, and so are the trees. The trees are majestic, even, and on this gorgeous fall day I’m trying […]