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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Jane Austen and BPD

It’s true that after writing about my mom and researching borderline personality, I’m inclined to see the disorder lurking behind every frowning face. But I can’t go so far as to diagnose Mrs. Norris of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park (which I’m blissfully reading for the first time) with BPD; for one thing, she’s entirely too happy […]

Johnny Nash + Bob Dylan at the Eye Doctor’s

I got my new contacts today– with a sharp new prescription, and I had that experience I remember from long ago when I first got glasses (fifth grade) and then acquired stronger ones in subsequent years: you walk outside and can see individual leaves on the trees. Everything is in sharp focus! This was a new eye […]

Firing Squad

The system of lethal injection in Ohio is creepy enough. But shooting people? We just did that today in Utah, in 21st century America. What about the shooters — the state employees we pay to shoot a guy? Like the Ohio corrections employees we Ohio citizens pay to torture inmates sometimes, struggling to find a vein — what about […]

Napping Dad

John was sure to run across the box holding the new hammock before our anniversary (Thursday) and ruin the surprise, so I decided to put it together today. Luckily, son Doug was enjoying a day off work; he skillfully interpreted the instructions (insert part BR into part GH) and providing some muscle. It was a nice day, and the […]

BPD in Fiction

Speaking of books, I recently finished 36 Arguments for the Existence of God by Rebecca Newberger Goldstein. Despite the title, it’s a novel, and also despite the title, it’s an argument for atheism, the latest salvo in the New Atheism movement. Goldstein is an atheist and so is her main character Cass Seltzer, though both are […]