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Monthly Archives: November 2010


I’m grateful for all the usual things. I’m lucky not to have to worry about clean water, cholera, mudslides, gang violence, political oppression, an adequate diet, and so on and on. Middle-class Americans are set apart from so much of the rest of the world in our good fortune. Closer to home, I appreciate my […]

Helping, Once Again

For people with BPD, the glass is never half-full and rarely even half-empty: it seems there has never been anything in that glass, ever. I remember suggesting to my mom a few times that we were a lucky family, compared to the least fortunate. We weren’t starving, we had savings. Wrong thing to say. I’d get […]

Helping Someone with BPD

This morning I watched Dani’s video blog on borderline personality disorder and “object constancy,” that is, the difficulty BPD sufferers have with trusting in someone’s love when that person isn’t there. This provided lots of food for thought, but as I walked my dog later on, my mind wandered into other BPD-related territory. I resolved […]