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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Scary Cinematheque Movies

My blog neglected the Cinematheque movies last week. I didn’t feel compelled to write about them, but last night I overcame some trepidations and saw and enjoyed This Must Be the Place, a 2001 film directed by Paolo Sorrentino, with a whacked out performance by Sean Penn. He’s an aging Ozzy Osbourne type, complete with teased black […]

The Bride Wore Black

  I’m looking forward to The Bride Wore Black this weekend at the Cinematheque, not because I’ve seen it before but because I haven’t. I consider myself a fan of the director Francois Truffaut, but this 1968 thriller represents a gap in my viewing repertoire. It stars Jeanne Moreau and features music by Bernard Herrmann, so you […]

Shopping with George H. W. Bush

You remember when the first President Bush seemed flummoxed by the scanner at the grocery-store checkout? You can Google “Bush scanner” and read all about it. (Turns out it’s an urban legend, but it made a good story at the time.) Shopping with my husband reminds me of this purported incident. He is stuck, shopping-wise, in […]

His Girl on Friday

Howard Hawks’s His Girl Friday (1940) is not to be missed. It stars Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell, and it’s funny. How do they talk so fast? See it at the Cinematheque Friday at 7:30 pm. On Saturday and Sunday, the Cinematheque brings back Federico Fellini’s classic 8 1/2, celebrating its 50th anniversary. When I was […]

Films, Belatedly

This weekend, after a holiday hiatus, is so chockful of good programs at the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque, I’ll hardly be able to see all I want to see and am going to recommend a bunch to you. You already may have missed a good one: Gregory Crewdson: […]