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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Stan the Man

I recently read a brisk discussion on Facebook about whether Democrats could be friends with Republicans. Many posters, liberals all, felt that Republicans are just too close-minded and cold-hearted to be friends with. Republicans are other. Before I married John, I was inclined toward those posters’mindset. My parents were liberals. My mom boasted that her […]

Nolite Credere Internet

I warn my students not to trust the internet. Last week, I received a student essay with this quotation, attributed to the English poet John Dryden, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”  That doesn’t sound like Dryden, I thought. Googling the quote, I found it attributed to Albert Einstein instead. I googled the […]

No Umbrella*

Last week, when I was walking across campus in the rain, I felt a surge of gratitude for my umbrella.  Appreciating this ordinary item caused me to reflect on my childhood and youth without umbrellas. And to wonder if it was too great a stretch to see the absence of umbrellas as one more weird family […]

Neither a Pontiac or a Chevy

I met someone yesterday who said I had a cool job — teaching Latin. That reaction is a little unusual. Though many people say how much they love Latin or make a positive but somewhat inaccurate remark, such as, “That’s the root of all languages!,” I occasionally pick up that “dead language” vibe, as in “Does […]

Don’t Go Past the Wendy’s

My daughter recently visited the College of Wooster with forty-some students from Bronx Preparatory Charter School, where she teaches, all of them African-American or Latino. Wooster is a small town about 90 minutes south of Cleveland. It’s in farm country, and Margaret said her thoroughly urban students were a little creeped out by all the empty space and […]