Back to School

I started back to school on Monday and had a very good day. My Latin students were all pleasant and cooperative and would that we all remain that way. This positive attitude generally precedes the introduction of indirect objects, principal parts of verbs, and the second declension (“What?? There’s more than one??”)

For the second year in a row, a couple of new students have explained they’re taking Latin because Spanish was too hard for them. This is not good news for me.

Still, it’s all very promising, as new school years always are, and I’m meeting more new classes tomorrow for the first time.

My summer reading, counting from June (though I also had much of May off), amounts to thirty-seven books, with fifteen in August alone. It needs to be pointed out that my August reading included a number of children’s books, including the whole Little House on the Prairie series —  an epic classic, in my opinion. Along the lines of the racial stereotyping I’ve been writing about, there’s a creepy minstrel show near the end, in which Pa takes part.

My book group book for August — Push by Sapphire (basis for the movie Precious) — made a stunning contrast to the Little House books which would be funny if it weren’t so awful

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