Summer Goes and Autumn Leaves

Back to school this week, I was aware of the sharp tang in the air. This morning I left especially early and wore a blazer. In the evenings, I’ve finally succumbed to wearing jeans and even socks and shoes, instead of sandals, much of the time.

Summer’s end is sad, but this cool weather feels right. An acquaintance was recently musing that maybe there’s an ideal temperature for human functioning–the cool-ish sixties or low seventies–when we feel a sense of well-being. It still gets hot in the afternoon, and no doubt we have more heat in store for us, but autumn’s fast approaching.

Do you bemoan the end of summer and the onset of fall (with winter looming)? Or do you welcome sweater weather and autumn leaves?

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  1. Kim Christopher says:

    I love summer the most but I also love college football so bring on the fall and cool weather and let’s play some football!
    I also love the smell of burning leaves. Haven’t smelled that since I was a kid though.
    And of course don’t forget pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks are back now!

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