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I recently realized that my current reading is a very weird mix. I’ll describe the books I’m reading in order–from the sublime to the ridiculous, literally. The most ponderous is a 700+ page biography called Mozart: The Reign of Love … Continue reading

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Missing Dave

In all the hoopla over David Letterman’s retirement, we read over and over about the heart surgery, the post-9/11 show, and the sex scandal. Everyone mentions favorite guests Julia Roberts, Regis Philbin, Bill Murray, and Cleveland’s own Harvey Pekar. Frequently … Continue reading

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Bill Cosby: Lost, Stolen, or Strayed

A couple of months ago, my sisters and I cleaned out the attic of my mom’s old house, unearthing precious mementos amidst the junk. My treasures included my old Bill Cosby records, which I had thought lost. There they were, invaluable … Continue reading

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Crazy Mommies

Merrill Markoe is an Emmy-winning TV writer, novelist, and humorist. I allude to one of her old essays all the time, in which she mused that all of pop culture is now oriented toward thirteen-year-old boys, or their mental equivalent. As in car … Continue reading

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