On Track?

Last week I taped an interview for the City of Canton (my hometown) TV station. My sister-in-law Penni knows the host, Betty Smith, and Penni did the legwork to arrange my appearance on Betty’s show “On Track with Betty Mac.” I start around 15:15.

It was fun. Betty was prepared and very welcoming. Her questions showed a lot of compassion for not just me, but my mom as well. A social worker, she demonstrated both expertise and wisdom.

Timken High School of old

Timken High School of old

Getting to the studio was a disconcerting adventure. I remember Timken High School as a single, old-fashioned school building on Tuscarawas Avenue, or West Tusc, as we would say in Canton. When I drove down from Cleveland last Friday, I found instead a sprawling campus, with a bunch of spanking new buildings surrounding the original one. Our trips to Canton never take us that direction, so we didn’t know about the renovations.

I just picked a door, any door, and encountered a welcoming security guy who gave me a badge and directed me to the studio. Something like, “Right, another right, then a left, then two more rights, and a left.” I actually have no idea what he said after the first “Right,” but somehow I managed to find the studio.

Students ordinarily run the shows, but last week their class had a speaker, so efficient media teachers managed my appearance. It’s impressive that the kids have their own studio and produce actual shows aired on local cable.

The content will be oh, so familiar to friends and family who’ve heard my stories and/or read the book. Feel free to share, though, with anyone you know who’s struggling with a family member with BPD, or with BPD itself.

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3 Responses to On Track?

  1. Kathy says:

    Thank you, Roger!

  2. Hi, Kathy!
    Thanks for this. I’ve been trying to interest my sister, a therapist in Maine, in your book. Being able to send her this video will help.

  3. Michael Whitely says:

    Good to hear you and see what you look like. It was lovely. Pleased to meet you Kathy.

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