Roxie Treats

It all started with a Sam’s Club dog biscuit mix, a Christmas gift from my sister Betsey. She knows that I like my dog and I like baking.

Because February 17th is the anniversary of Roxie having been blown into our lives by a winter storm nine years ago (story recounted here), I made the biscuits on Friday to celebrate. To clarify, I made half the biscuits. The mix is in two bags, producing about twenty treats apiece. Forty treats is too many for an eight-pound dog.

Two eggs, a little oil, and a third cup of peanut butter combine with the mix (brown rice flour, oats, flax seeds, pumpkin powder, apple powder, and salt) to make a thick malleable dough. The kit provides a silicone mold that holds about half or a little less of the dough.

The rest I shaped into dog bones or cut with cookie cutters. For this time of the year, I chose bunnies and snowmen, summing up February in Northeast Ohio. They bake for about half an hour. The roundish ones have pawprints imprinted on the bottom.

To sum up, they were fun to make and Roxie likes them. If you’re thinking we’re a decadent culture which provides cute, nutritious treats for dogs while children in Syria and Turkey go hungry, I feel you. Consider donating to World Central Kitchen, founded by Chef Jose Andres, which is already at work in the earthquake zone.

I haven’t posted anything for Monday Meals for a couple of weeks. I suspect my posts on Monday will continue to be sporadic. Feel free to encourage me.

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4 Responses to Roxie Treats

  1. Kathy says:

    Hi, Ros–I’ll check out the book. And I’ll email you as to how to read comments!

  2. Kathy says:

    Jewel: That, too. :–)

  3. Ros Gauchat says:

    Hi Kathy, Even though I can’t read these comments, here’s a suggestion: if you want to combine a good book and food, and social/climate consciousness, try “The Third Plate” by Dan Barber. I am listening to it on Libby and, because I’ve become a soil nerd, am really excited about it. Let me know

  4. Jewel Moulthrop says:

    Funny? I read the last line of this post as “Feel free to discourage me.”

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