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Required Reading

I haven’t read many books recently because I’ve been reading Bleak House, Charles Dickens’s 800-page novel of 1853. It was supposed to be my winter break project, but I started it late, after New Years, and it’s seeped into the second semester, which started two weeks ago. I’m surprised it’s taking me this long, but […]


  Tonight we’re addressing Christmas cards. After thirty-plus years, we have the routine down. John does “his” people, and I do “mine,” and I can’t tell you exactly how we know whose names are whose. I rely on my old, water-stained address book, which sits mostly neglected next to the dish drainer. Hence the water stains. […]

Animal + Music Book Titles

Awhile ago, I reviewed a book for the Plain Dealer called Frog Music* and soon after read a book with a similar title. My reactions to the two were very different, however. Emma Donoghue, an Irish writer who lives in Canada, scored a big success with her novel Room (2010). It concerned a woman held captive […]

No Buzz

How do you choose which books to read and which movies to see? All of us are probably somewhat susceptible to “buzz”–the blaring ads and TV talk-show promos and mentions on National Public Radio that make us think we have to see or read a particular work. My book group just read Wild, for example, the best-selling memoir by […]